I hate the sound of someone ending a phone conversation with “Loveyoubye”.

That doesn’t sound very loving at all.  That sounds about as personal as a pap and pelvic exam with an ice-cold speculum at the hands of a retired, overweight gynecologist  who smells like ranch Doritos.

I have a fairly practical perception of love (romantic, family, and otherwise), despite the fact that I’m female, but I still think this is a shitty way to convey the message of love. An emotion-infused, “I love you” heard once in a blue moon has more merit and value than a thousand loveyoubyes in a single week.

My family ends every conversation with loveyoubye. Then they wonder why I just hang up.


One response

  1. me2

    I feel the same.

    September 4, 2010 at 9:44 pm

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