A dream I had last night:

I’m walking up a hill on paved walkway surrounded by trees, small houses, and tiny shops. The sky is clear. I’m wearing a white, old style dress, and holding a baby wrapped in a dull blue blanket  in my arms. My two girls are walking beside me. There is a very large group of people walking with us, not in a hurry but not a casual stroll either. It was as if we had some important place to be, though I’m not sure what it could have been at the time. There is a black, older gentleman leading us all up this walkway. He was tall, slender in build, in his late forties or early fifties. He is also wearing an older outfit (early 1900s?), black slacks held up with black suspenders and a white button up collar t-shirt, sleeves rolled up. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion behind us. The man gestures for us to stop, and we all turn to see what the noise was. Screams could be heard from the back of the group, which appeared to be over a mile away. The scent of something burning filled the air, and the man screamed for us to run. There was a blur of people running by me, and I could see a river of bright orange and red lava rushing towards us, disintegrating everything in its path, including the people who couldn’t run away in time.

I clutch the baby tightly and grab one of my girls arms while screaming for them to run. The panicked herd of people were pushing past us and tripping and falling, making it difficult to hurry.

“Mommy!” my oldest daughter yelled. I turned and watched in horror as the lava devoured her. I hold the baby tighter and we continue to run. I was dragging my other daughter and she was crying. Her hand was suddenly yanked from mine as she fell victim to the liquid fire. I remember hot tears flooding down my face as the horror surrounding me intensified. I kept crying, “my babies, my babies” as I ran. People were screaming, dying, burning to death. It was like running through hell, if it were to have a clear blue sky…

We came up to a large office building. Through the front door there was a large lobby with a baseball-diamond shaped desk in the center. There were a few people huddled in various places, some alone and some with loved ones, all dirty, trembling and crying. Everyone appears to be wearing the same old style clothes, all in black and white. I sat on one part of the desk and try to unravel some of the blanket to see if the baby was okay. There was so much blanket, it seemed never-ending.

Another explosion. More screaming. The people who were huddled were up and running. I re wrap the baby and start to run as I watch the lava rush through the building. It had already reached the desk where I had been sitting by the time I made it to the door that was across from the entrance. immediately it was overcome by flames. The entire building was on fire.

I held on to the baby for dear life as we emerge out the back door. The area we had entered was green with grass and surrounded with flowers, mostly pink and red roses, but also other smaller flowers that were white. I follow the direction the others were running, which was towards a tall, industrial looking building. I run in through the front doors and turn to watch as the flowers and the grass were reduced to nothing.

I turn and run upstairs. There’s no one else, just me and the baby. I am not sure how many flights I ran up, but it must have been many. From the inside, the walls were made of glass, and I could see that we were very high up. For miles, all I could see was smoke, and the sky took on a red, fiery glow. I stop to catch my breath and begin to unravel the bundle of blankets.

One blanket, two blankets… three… no… four….. nonononono……

There was nothing. No baby. Just a pile of empty blankets at my feet. Silence.

Then I wake up.

Screw you, strange subconscious mind.


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