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I’m really happy I found my snake

I can’t find my mail key.
It grew little legs and walked away.
Things keep getting lost and sometimes found and rearranged and broken and firewalled and disabled all by themselves lately. I am blaming gnomes that are so invisible, even I can’t see them.

My snake got herself lose in my apartment. She MUST be stronger than I gave her credit for. Or maybe the gnomes wanted to play with her. Little fuckers. I later found her curled up in a pair of my pants. Poor little thing was cold. She also must have been hungry, because she went down my shirt and bit my boob when I put her around my neck to warm her up. Funny, I don’t think my boobs smell like small dead rodents, but what do I know.

Being a typical human sucked into social networking, I informed everyone on my facebook of the snake incident. I was later messaged by a non-reptile friendly family member asking me how I could possible love and care about a cold, slithery, “slimy” creature that won’t love me like a dog or a cat. I replied that it must have something to do with my tendency to develop attachments to cold, emotionless creatures that are indifferent to my presence.  She LOLed. I threw up.

And it was, like, OMG.

Our clinic was doctor-less for almost three hours today because he “forgot” he had to work. I was frowned at by a lot of people because of this.  I have a lot of neat conversations with people when they are frowning at me. It used to bother me, but now I really don’t give a shit, and give a robotic response to their apparent unhappiness. I’ve noticed that this non-reaction sometimes makes people frown harder.

It just dawned on me that I have failed as a girl scout mom. I’m going to bed.

Here’s my theme song.

I need a different latitude.


Lesbians, Music and Milk



I have certain songs/bands that are my “theme of the week”, meaning for whatever reason, I find myself listening to a particular song/band repeatedly for that time span. There’s no reason for this, it’s just one of my “weird things”.
I keep gravitating to Otep this week, especially this song.

 Just seems to fit, for whatever reason.

I like Otep. Despite the fact that she is too cliché activist/lesbian/vegan/political for my taste, she’s pretty neat (on a side note, she’s one of the few women on this planet that my anti-activist, men-loving, meat-eating, politically ignorant self would actually go out of my way to have sex with).

Speaking of fluids and animal products, something awesome:

I was at work, doing my thing yesterday when out of no where, I became immensely dizzy and developed chest pains, followed with a feeling of panic. A “panic attack” as they are referred to. I have had these acute situations happen here and there over the course of my life, and they suck. After a rush of customers, I went into the break room to see if I had any tea, but all I found was a bottle of whole milk that I brought a few days prior and forgotten about. My body reacted in positive favor at the sight of the milk, so I took it as my cue to drink up. After about forty minutes, I felt like a million bucks. Better than before the attack, even.

There’s something to this.

I love animal fat.

I love music.

I love feeling wonderful.

I love ham.